Thursday, March 15, 2012


This is one dish that my husband can eat everyday. back home we cook okra in many different ways, like stuff okra, okra with minced okra with meat but potatoes was his addition he loved this recipe .because this way the okra don’t have slime  ,there are few tips that I want to share 1. wash the okra and completely dry before cutting ,I usually wash and dry one day and cut and cook the other day and off course  it stay in refrigerator .fry them before adding any thing like onion and tomato etc you don’t  have to add much oil.
So here we go folks my very special okra and potato enjoy.

1 lb fresh okra
1/4-cup oil
2 whole green chili[cut or whole]
2 medium size potatoes cut in French fry style
3 large tomatoes chopped
1 tsp cumin seeds
Salt and pepper.
 Pinch of mango powder


Wash and clean okra cut the ends of okra and discard the ends. Cut okra into half's.

Heat non-stick frying pan, add oil cumin seeds and okra and green chili and stir-fry for 10 minutes on medium heat .

 Stir frequently  until the okra get golden, remove from oil and keep aside.

Add potatoes to the same frying and fry them for 5 minutes add tomatoes salt and pepper And let it cook for 1 minute add fry okra and simmer until done.
Note. leave the green chili whole that way the curry will not be too spicy but who ever like spicy serve the chili in their platter.
if you don,t want to add potatoes in the last pictures i even cook okra without potatoes too.just add 1 chopped onion instead .

Serves 4


  1. Thank you for this great recipe! I made it for my husband (without the potatoes) and he liked it very much. I tried other bhindi recipes and he didn't like them so much, but said this recipe was simpler and reminded him more of how they cook in his town of Mardan.

  2. thank you so much denise ,i am so glade you and your husband like this recipe,i love mardan ,and went there few time my best friend was from mardan .this beautiful place have beautiful people with beautiful big heart.