Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grilled/broiled corn on the cob



Grilled/broiled  corn on the cob.

I remember as child at our school we were looking forward to these corn warm then salty spicy and on the top lemon juice just soak every grain of the corn its like party in your mouth .they make it two different method one boiled in plenty of water until fully cooked serve salt and chili powder together then with the help of lemon dipped it in the salt mixture and rub it all over the corn  .the other one is cooked in hot sand they don’t remove the cover so the sand doesn’t go in side and then pour hot sand and let it cooked in side .these are only available in summer ,and we eat everyday.
Now the point which I now how to make them at home I have three option 1. grill it as usually we do on all sides .2.boil it .3. or broil it my family love corn and this recipe work wonderfully.

6 corn on the cob remove the cover
2 lime cut in half
2 tsp salt
2tsp red chili powder

pre heat oven by  on the broil button  or gill now arrange the corn in the baking tray  and put the tray in the upper shelve rotate them so they cook evenly now after they get fully cooked coat them with lemon juice and salt and red chili.


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