Monday, February 20, 2012

Mash pulao

Mash pulao
This is one of my back home favorite rice dishes .this simple but beautiful rice is go wonderful with meat or vegetable curries . our family friends always serve this wonderful rice with meatballs and as a kid we love it.   
2 cups long grain rice [sella rice] or basmati rice
1/2-cup green mash dal
Salt and pepper according to taste
3 black pepper corns
1 stick cinnamon
1tsp cumin seeds
1tsp garam masala
1 large cardamom
4 tbsp canola oil
4 cups water or meat stock

Wash mash dal separately and soak them in water for 3 hours the same with rice if you are using sella rice. Don’t soak basmati rice more then 15 minutes .now add 2 cups of water and mash dal to a pot and bring to boil low the flame and let it cook for 15 minutes then off the flame and cover.
In a separate pot add oil and add all the spices except garam masala.
And fry them for 30 seconds then add stain rice  to oil and  stock salt and pepper and bring to boil after 2 minutes add mash dal and sprinkle garam masala cover and low the flame and let the rice cook until the water dries and the rice cook completely fluff the rice with fork and serve with meat curry and salad or Rita.

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