Tuesday, April 23, 2013

peshaweri channa pulao



Channa pulao is one of the most common rice served with meat in Peshawar .  my mom and her mom was expert in the kind of rice and the secret ingredient was there sun dried onion .after it dried and then fried it give a very beautiful color and aroma .and off course the gram masala and the beautiful chickpeas and raisins. And the big soft meat which fork tender and melt In your mouth.
But as many years I have been living in America I try it with fresh onion and it is also very  yummy  .
So here a go giving you my family old recipe for chana pulao

Chana  pulao
2 cups long grain rice [sella rice] or basmati rice
1/2-cup precooked or can chickpeas
½ cup raisins
Salt and pepper according to taste
3 black pepper corns
1 stick cinnamon
1tsp cumin seeds
1tsp garam masala
1 large cardamom
1 large onion thinly sliced
 1 large tomato thinly sliced
4 tbsp canola oil
4 cups water or meat stock
 large meat pieces  to serve with.
Wash  and soak the rice  in water for 3 hours if  you are not using sella rice soak only for 15 minutes. Don’t soak basmati rice more then 15 minutes .now add 4-cups of water and chickpeas  to a pot and bring to boil low the flame and let it cook for 15 minutes then off the flame and cover.
In a separate pot add oil and fry onion until golden add tomatoes and salt and all and add all the spices except garam masala and mash it with the back of the spoon .
And add the fry mixture and  sprinkle garam masala cover and low the flame and let the rice cook add raisins and let it cook until the water dries and the rice cook completely fluff the rice with fork and serve with meat curry and salad or Rita.


  1. hello there,love pulao....how to make garam masala at home.

  2. thanks for the comments and liking it i will soon post the garam masala recipe .

  3. Great recipe...just to clarify, you make the fried mixture(fried onions, tomatoes and spices) and then add it on top of cooked rice along with garam masala and then mix??

    Because you wrote to boil water and chickpeas, do I add rice in it then? With salt? Or add rice to the fried mixture?

    Sorry if its confusing :)

  4. actually you can do both but i did in this recipe is to add everything to chickpeas in the water add everything to it and let it cook you can use rice cooker for this recipe this way is easy and quick and yes add salt with rice according to you taste.
    hope this help .also thank you so much for visiting this blog and trying this recipe happy cooking.

  5. Wow, I love this dish I told my mom every weak to make this dish for me with Raita because when you eat some fast foods from Mr Pizza or others so you want to eat some local food as well.

  6. thanks shawn for visiting my blog and thank you for liking it.

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  8. Wow mouthwatering and very tasty looking recipe. Pakistani Cooking Recipes are always tasty and I love all Pakistani Recipes. I will definitely try this at home.

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