Wednesday, August 29, 2012

about our new fruit company.

 about our new fruit company. 
As long as I remember I love cooking and feel happy when I cook something which others buy from the store .and that’s why I love making jam jellies and fruit spreads and sauces in home. My family ,relatives and friends know that  it’s never a work for me but it’s a hobby which is very dear to my heart. and all this start from my mom plum jam and my sister mehnaz mango jam .as a child a adore home made jam jellies and marmalades .
After I come to America I make plum jam every year in the season and give it free to my friends and family and every body loved it .and many give me the idea to start jam company after thinking ask everyone take all the help ,me and my friend majidah we start a new fruit preserving company called {A.M orchard preserves  }and we sell organic and regular jam jellies marmalade, sauces the homemade style and we do everything by hand all these bottles are handmade with the love and care. 
We also sell local  organic all natural honey .
There are many reason that I want to share it with you which make our product special from store brought jam and jellies  and these reason are .
We don’t add preservatives, chemical or artificial flavors.  
We use less sugar and more fruit.
We try our best the find fruit that are local ,organic or freshly picked.
We make jam in small batches ,and we can customize jam according to your needs .less sugar ,or no sugar let us know
We use fruit pectin
We love making them.
We use natural ingredients
We sell 10 different flavors and they are
Mango, mango and peach ,organic peach,strawberries,organic raspberries, plum,gavava ,orange marmalade, organic fig with apple, tomato and orange,apricot,chunky mango
Mix berries, and so on.
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  2. Please give details about the raw honey, it's source, hygeine, cost and where to buy it from, in Pakistan and from Dubai