Monday, May 28, 2012

afghani cuisine

afghani cuisine

There is something special about Afghani food ,simple, colorful and tasty .
I love Afghani food  and I make these color full dishes all the time.
I remember my first Afghani dish was there rice and that’s was 12 years back ,I learn Afghani cooking from many people and the more I cook the more I feel good about it.

My best friend Sarah wardak  and their family teach me their special egg plant dish which is to die for. The rice topped with raisins and carrots and mantu   are the stars  of my table.
The creamy kofta with yellow lentils  and their yummy sweet dishes are out of this world.
Its not only food that I like there people are sweet wonderful and are friend for ever.
More of the dishes are based on meat .

Yummy melt in your mouth meat and kababs  are there everyday food along with rice and Afghani naan bread.
If you never eat Afghani food I will recommend to try their food it’s not spicy but it flavorful and yummy.
 Here are some picture which I took at there home ,and believe me when ever I go there I always find there table full of all these dish  even if its me alone.

This is the beautiful , unique, exotic food of my beloved Afghanistan so enjoy.

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